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“Hilarious new web series”


~Hollywood Shorts, via Twitter




“Squee! If anyone can pull this off well – it is Susan and Shane Epperly over at Tiger Lily Studios! I have thoroughly enjoyed their marketing techniques for several years now and I love their products, especially the 'A Touch of Humor' series.  I can’t wait!”

~Ariana La Cour, L.M.T., Owner of Now and Zen Mobile Massage Therapy, Las Vegas, Nevada, Blogger at MassageHacks.com




“Entertaining, educational and down right funny...GREAT JOB! 

The best teaching tool I have seen in 26 years on Trigger Points!”

~ Craig Quaglia, Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist & Instructor, Riverside, Illinois, via Facebook




"My kids love this show... they beg for it, then run around like ninjas using

anatomically correct terms. LOVE TPN!”

~Laura Benson, via Facebook




“@TrP_Ninja That was really funny. Great job.

I specialize in trigger point therapy so I loved it! Congrats!”
~ Dr. Kathy Gruver PhD (@KLGruver), Author of “The Alternative Medicine Cabinet,” via Twitter




“Love it! Fun and informative.

I also love seeing Susan's comics in ‘Massage and Bodywork’ magazine.”

~Emily M. Simpson, Inside Sales at Webtrends, L.M.T.

Portland, Oregon Area, via LinkedIn 




“Susan, that is the most. Wonderfully creative educational video I've ever seen. kudos!!

I can't help feeling that I would love to party with you! Julie” 

~Julie Smith, Massage Therapist/ Yoga Instructor at Appalachian Therapeutic Massage,  via LinkedIn




“High-quality production of educational fun! that's how I describe Tiger Lily Studios.”

~David Otto, Instructor at Nevada School of Massage Therapy - Steiner Education Group

Las Vegas, Nevada Area, via LinkedIn




“Fun! Informative! Fresh! Massage Therapists are fun and creative; Shane and Susan capture this well in everything they ‘touch!’

Trigger Point Ninja is crazy awesome! Looking forward to more!”

~Robert Sierra,  Engineering Project Manager at Freescale Semiconductor, Austin, Texas Area,  via LinkedIn




“Love it! You guys are always so creative! What a great way to educate the public about trigger points. Looking forward to more episodes! :)

~Lara Rininger, LMT, CHHC, On Call Massage Therapist at Aspire Holistic Healing Arts Massage Therapy

Canton, Ohio Area, via LinkedIn




“Susan writes and illustrates a very funny comic, ‘A Touch of Humor,’ in Massage & Bodywork magazine, and this series should be another fun product of her imagination, along with Shane's help. I think it will be a great way to introduce the public to the benefits of both trigger point therapy and massage in general, and a humorous look at the technique for those in the profession. Can't wait to see what Susan and Shane come up with!”

~Abram Herman,  Social Media Coordinator at Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP),

via LinkedIn




"Trigger Point Ninja" is a new, fun video series produced by therapist and educator, Susan Epperly. The 5 minute easy to understand video format are an entertaining way for students and clients to learn about where the trigger points are on their body and how

they inter-relate. The videos are enjoyable and worthwhile, and I look forward to seeing their future vids pack in even more educational content.”

~Irene Diamond, Therapy & Wellness Educator, Author, Public Speaker, via LinkedIn




“Trigger Point Ninja is another amazing production from Tiger Lily Studios that is targeted -- precisely targeted -- to exhilarate, entertain, and educate about the terror that knows no   discrimination, myofascial trigger points! Two treatment thumbs up.”

  ~Jeff Lutz, Therapist / Owner at The Pain Treatment & Wellness Center, Greater Pittsburgh Area; President, National Association of   Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists, via LinkedIn




"It made my funny bone hurt!!!!!"

~Donna DePriest, via Facebook




“Ya’ll are crazy…In a good way :)

~Tessa V., via Facebook




“Quite entertaining. As Thomas Jefferson said,

‘Our liberation comes from being educatedwhile being entertained.’"

“Wow, restored harmony and peace all throughout trapezius land.

Great guys good job. Fun way to learn.”


“Y'all Rock, Susan, Shane and Trigger Point Ninja!”